About NFH

--The Nepali for Hillary(NFH) is a nationwide grassroots volunteer organization grouped to network among community leaders and advocates who share Hillary Clinton’s vision for our country, and a commitment to mobilizing the resources and ideas to ensure her victory as next president of the U.S.A. This movement serves as a tool to connect the community members to engage in effectively networking equitable use and development of fiscal, human, and material resources to identify opportunities to empower Nepalese American communities in each state.  Consequently, the shared professional knowledge, interpersonal skills, and enhancement of using fiscal, human and material, make a difference in lives of Nepali diaspora in the U.S.A. Primarily, it aims to be a vehicle to a political integration of the community. 

-- In the various occasion, Secretary Clinton has acknowledged that South Asians as the nation's fastest growing racial minorities. Interestingly, Democrats hold advantages in party identification among blacks, Asians, Hispanics, well-educated adults, and Millennials(Pew Study,2016). According to the internal community survey, 75% of Nepali/Bhutanese Americans were Democrats or leaned toward Democrat, making them the Asian-Americans sub-group most likely identify with the Democratic Party. In this light, it is important to mobilize the support of hundred thousands of Nepali Americans living in the U.S.A. by helping them to register to vote and motivating them to go out and vote(GOTV) for electing Hillary Clinton as our next president. 

--The Nepali for Hillary(NFH) is a volunteer-run effort organized by  the supporters of Nepali and Bhutanese communities. These properties are not authorized by Hillary for America. We partner with the other organizations such as Indian for Hillary, Asian Pacific Islander for Hillary to achieve the common mission. 

--To Volunteer for NFH activities, please sign up on the main page. Please contact Aditi Hardikar to join Hillary Finance Council and support at [email protected]

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