Nepali Americans

  • Nepal is a multilingual and diverse nation with a total population of 26.6 million.  Its borders were effectively closed by dictators to all its ordinary citizens and foreign travelers for over 120 years, which blocked the extensive development of the country. Only with the official end of the 104-year-long autocratic Rana regime in 1950 was the modern country officially inaugurated. 
  • Nepali Americans are most highly educated professionals who have immigrated to the U.S. from Nepal after the 1950s, and the Most of the Nepalese Americans are recent arrivals; 92.2% of Nepalese-American adults are foreign-born.
  • About 75% of them over the age of 25 a have college degree –  one of the most among any ethnic group in the U.S.
  • It is estimated that over five hundred thousand Nepalese diasporas are living in the U.SA.
  • Nepali Americans are attempting to involve in American politics, and some are elected officials and also several of them serving on various government agencies.
  • Many Nepalese Americans are Entrepreneurs.

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