Meeting Agenda : August 7th, 2016

Theme: Committed to Elect Secretary Clinton as our Next President

The first conference call will take place on Sunday, August, 7th, 2016 at 9 PM eastern standard time. The conference call service number is 6054754350   and access code is 8572697.  This information can also be found below. The attendance list and agendas are as follows:


Mr. Jason Tengco, National Out Reach Director Hillary for America (AAPI)

Mrs. Sanjita Pradhan, Hillary Leadership Council Member (AAPI)

Ms. Constantina Meis, YDA’s National Executive Vice- President

Mr. Harry Bhandari, Nepali for Hillary

 Volunteer leaders Representative (nationwide)

Moderator: Ms. Binita Devkota, Nepali for Hillary


    1.  Purpose of the group

             -- Harry Bhandari

  1. Current AAPI Vote Effort for Hillary Clinton

   --Mr. Jason Tengco

  1. Bringing AAPI Community Together for GOTV

 -- Mrs. Sanjita Pradhan

     4. Youth Engagement and Women Including Action Steps

             -- Ms. Constantina Meis

     5. Open Floor Q and A


     6. Miscellaneous

            -- Any additional issues (if needed)    

For Conference Call Questions: e-mail Madhukar Adhikari (National Press Secretary) at  [email protected]

 [email protected]

The meeting information is as follows:

Meeting Time: 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time

Call Number: 6054754350

Access Code: 8572697

If you have any further questions or comments prior to the call , feel free to e-mail Harry Bhandari at [email protected] 

Thank you,

Harry Bhandari

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